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Teak mosaic floor restoration

Original Teak mosaic parquet floor restored to it’s original beauty.

Wenge Floor Boards

Engineered Wenge floor boards installed and finished on site.

Contemporary Oak Parquet

Contemporary solid oak parquet herringbone in a new flat conversion.

Contemporary stair cladding

Contemporary oak stair cladding incorporating engineered boards and solid nosing.

Traditional Solid Oak Parquet Herringbone

Traditional Solid Oak parquet laid in herringbone style with double block border

Engineered Oak planks bespoke colour

Bespoke colour Engineered Oak planks supplied and installed in a residential property.

Engineered Oak Herringbone

New Engineered Oak Parquet Flooring laid in traditional herringbone style.

Grey wash Engineered oak flooring

Engineered Oak plank flooring in Grey wash colour for a new contemporary look.

Solid Oak Mosaic

Mosaic Parquet in Prime Grade Solid Oak hardwood

Bespoke Stairs and Flooring

Bespoke Staircase clad in Solid oak planks brushed and oiled to match the wood flooring

Solid Oak Parquet

Solid Oak Parquet flooring, installed in traditional herringbone pattern

Engineered Oak boards bespoke colour ‘Antica’

Installation of bespoke engineered Oak floor ‘Antica’ colour oiled

Solid Oak steps, railings & spindles

Installation of new solid Oak steps, railings & spindles Client: Residential project Location: Pinner, HA5

Solid European Parquet Herringbone

Solid Oak Parquet herringbone style with double block border

Rustic Engineered Oak boards

Engineered Oak boards in Rustic grade

Solid Oak Steps Brushed and Dark Stained

Solid Oak Steps, brushed, dark stained & lacquered

Prime Engineered Oak boards

Engineered Oak boards in Prime grade, brushed, dark stained

Solid Oak Steps Brushed & Oiled

Solid Oak Steps Brushed & Black Oiled

Distressed Solid Oak Parquet

Solid Oak Parquet Herringbone, Distressed & Black Oiled

Parquet in Basket Weave Pattern

Oak Parquet Blocks & Merbau Squares, laid in Basket Weave Pattern

Oak Herringbone

Oak wood blocks, laid in Herringbone pattern with single wenge feature strip

Marquetry Flooring Panels

Marquetry Wood Flooring Panels, made in Oak, Walnut & Maple

Engineered Oak Flooring Brushed & Oiled

Supply and installation of Engineered Oak boards

Renovation of Reclaimed Pine Boards

Repair & Restoration of Original Pine Floor Boards

Marquetry Flooring Design

Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Luxurious Marquetry Flooring

Dark Stained Oak Steps

Dark Stained Solid Oak Steps with white Painted risers

Solid Oak Herringbone Sanding & Finishing

Supply, Installation & Finishing of Prime Grade Oak Herringbone

Bespoke Mosaic Pattern

Bespoke Flooring Pattern with Panels & Parquet flooring

Oak Herringbone Parquet

Oak Herringbone – Supply, installation & finishing

Bespoke Flooring Design

Bespoke Marquetry Flooring mosaic wood panels with Border

Mosaic Panels Flooring

Marquetry Mosaic Panels Flooring with Circular border.

Sanding & Finish of Engineered Planks

Extra Wide Engineered Oak Planks, Installation, Polishing & Finishing

Wood Flooring Panels

Mosaic Wooden Flooring, Marquetry Panels, Made in Oak Merbau & Maple

Engineered Oak Floor Boards

Engineered oak Floor Boards, Rustic Grade & Natural Finish

Natural Oak Engineered Flooring

Natural Finished Engineered Oak Floor Boards AB Grade

Herringbone Parquet

Herringbone Parquet Flooring, Made in Prime Grade Oak

Rustic Grade Solid Oak Parquet

Rustic Grade Oak Parquet Flooring laid in herringbone pattern

Mahogany Parquet

Basket Weave Parquet pattern, made in Mahogany & Wenge.

Engineered Oak Planks

Engineered Oak Planks in Bespoke Pale Finish

Dark Stained Herringbone

Oak Herringbone Parquet, stained in dark colour with brass strip

Cladding of Stairs

Cladding of  existing Stairs with engineered wood & matching finish Nosing

Marquetry Mosaic Panels

Marquetry Mosaic Panels, Made in Walnut & Oak

Prime Oak Chevron

Oak Chevron Parquet Flooring in Prime Grade.

Sports Hall Flooring renovation

Renovation of Maple strip flooring in sports hall, including court markings.

Versailles Parquet Panels

Mosaic Panels “Parquet de Versailles” made in oak, with matching fillets.

Square Basket Parquet

Oak Parquet Flooring, laid in Square Basket Pattern

Versailles Panels in Oak

Versailles Panels in traditional style Rustic Oak.

Rustic Grade Oak Flooring

Rustic Grade Oak Flooring with clear Natural Finish

Marquetry Flooring

Marquetry Flooring Design with Bespoke border and Exotic Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring that provides a contemporary look and combines the natural beauty

Engineered Ipe Flooring

Engineered Ipe plank flooring lacquered finish.

Marquetry Medallion

Marquetry Medallion central piece made in Walnut, Maple, Wenge and Oak

Herringbone Oak Flooring with Border

Herringbone oak flooring with border feature strip in wenge.

Mosaic Wood Panels

Marquetry Wood Panels with floral motif made in Merbau, Walnut, Oak & Ash

Art Mosaic Panels

Mosaic Wood Panels with floral motif made in Oak, Merbau, Walnut & Ash.

Marquetry Inlay

Marquetry Inlay Medallion with oak strip flooring & single feature strip

Marquetry Wood Panels

Marquetry Mosaic Wood Flooring Panels, made in Oak, Maple & Merbau

Mosaic Parquet and Panels

Mosaic Panels/Parquet made in Merbau & Maple

Prime Grade Oak Steps

Solid oak steps and risers manufactured, installed and finished on site. Made in Prime grade American white oak. Client: Residential Property Location: Stanmore, HA1

Bespoke Marquetry Flooring

Bespoke marquetry flooring panels with central piece medallion.

Basket Weave Pattern

Parquet flooring laid in Basket Weave Pattern, Made in Oak & Merbau.

Chevron Parquet

Installation of Solid oak Chevron Parquet flooring, in Prime Grade

Merbau Parquet Flooring

Solid Merbau parquet flooring supplied and installed with double block border

Solid Oak Stairs

Solid Oak Steps in natural colour with painted white risers.

Dark Wooden Steps

Manufacture and installation of solid oak steps bespoke design.

Basket Weave Parquet

Parquet Flooring Laid in Basket Weave pattern, made in Oak & Wenge

Light Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooring with light oiled finish.

Curved Solid Steps

Curved solid steps machined and installed by bespoke design.

Select Grade Oak

Select grade oak flooring click system lacquered finish.

Solid Oak Steps

Solid Oak steps and risers with clear lacquer finish.

Solid Oak Strip Flooring

Supply and installation of Solid Oak strip flooring lacquered.

Walnut Flooring

Installation of Engineered Walnut plank flooring lacquered finish.

Wood Floor Sanding

Sanding of Teak Parquet Flooring in a Church hall. Filling of all gaps and varnishing.

Walnut Parquet Flooring

Supply Installation & Finish of Walnut Herringbone Parquet Flooring.

Sanding Maple Flooring

Sanding Solid Maple strip flooring, application of light stain and clear lacquer for protection.

Sanding Floor Planks

Sanding, polishing and sealing of reclaimed oak planks. The floor was lifted up from another room and then re-laid and refurbished.

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