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Solid Wood Installation

Solid Wood Installation

Solid Wood Installation requires the right combination of experience, skills, as well as carefully selected quality fitting materials required for the installation, as well as quality solid wood flooring. BSN Flooring Services proudly offers all of our customers with all you would need to have your dreamed Solid Wood Flooring.

The majority of solid wood flooring requires to be nailed down or glued down. For nailing down of the timber, we would need a wooden sub-floor made of different types of plywood. The most common method of solid wood installation (plank and strips) is nailing down and as such, would make use of a wooden sub floor. Pre-finished wood is a range of solid hardwood flooring sanded and finished in the factory, allowing easy installation. It requires no sanding or finishing and can be walked upon on the day that this floor is fitted allowing a quick job with minimal mess and disturbance.

The benefit of choosing an unfinished floor over a pre-finished floor is that it would allow you to have the option of choosing the finish: staining, oils, wax, lacquers. Also most pre-finished solids have bevelled edges so if bevelled edges are not to your taste you may want to go for an unfinished floor to create a bevel free surface.

Quality Solid Wood Flooring

Our Solid Wood Flooring comes from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, well established in the local British market. BSN Flooring Services can supply vast range of quality solid wood flooring options including:

  • Width of the planks between 57mm – 220mm.
  • Thickness of the solid wood between 10-30mm
  • Different grades – Character, Rustic, Natural, Select, Prime
  • Huge range of colours & finishes
  • Pre-sanded & Brushed surface
  • Lacquered & Oiled Finish
  • Completely Bespoke Sizes & Finishes
Solid Wood Installation

BSN Flooring Services Provides Complete package of flooring service from preparation, supply, installation, finishing & aftercare. Everything you need for solid wood installation work in the hands of a single Wood Flooring Contractor. This approach not only gives our customers the absolute piece of mind, but also guarantees the most cost effective price of the project overall.

Attention to Detail

Attention To Detail

We Always carry our Flooring Jobs with attention to the very last detail, making sure that the end result will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Experienced Craftsmanship

Experienced Craftsmanship

With our years of experience & quality of work, we can guarantee Brilliant & Stunning result, as we never compromise on Quality.

With our Complete Flooring Service you will benefit from:

Sub-floor Preparation

Full Preparation of any type of sub floor, including: Removing & Disposing of the existing flooring, Making good the base, Levelling of Joist & Concrete base, Supply and installation of Plywood, Sound and/or Damp Proofing

Quality fitting Materials

The most common techniques for solid wood installation are secret nailing & gluing down. We are using only professional flooring adhesive from reputable and approved manufacturers with proven products on the British market. We mainly use brands of Flooring Adhesive, such as – Stauf, Lechner, Bona, Sika, Lecol and many more. We are also happy to comply with any detailed specification for installation of your solid wood floor.

High Quality Solid Wood

The flooring materials we use come from trusted suppliers and manufacturers, with long established traditions on the British market. Big trade names include Atkinson & Kirby, Junkers, Dinesen and many others. We also supply a number of products directly from timber mills and factories, which allows us to control the quality of the flooring products.

Professional Flooring Installation

We are confident in our skills and craftsmanship. With years of experience we guarantee to our customers professional flooring work done always according to your schedule to very high standards. We do not compromise on quality and we pay attention to the very last detail.

Fully Guaranteed Flooring Service

Most of the flooring products, that we supply, comes with standard guarantee between 15-25 years, for domestic use. We do provide our customers with fully guaranteed installation and ultimate customer aftercare. As long established business, we are always happy to help, which is one of the reasons for the high volume of repetitive business & recommendations, that receive from our clients.

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